Showing: Friday 8th November at 4.30pm 
Director: Michael Herbig
Cast: Friedrich Mücke, Karoline Schuch, David Kross
Genre: Drama, History, Thriller
Runtime: 2hr 5min
Cert: 12A

Being an utterly riveting tale based on the story of two families, bravely endeavouring to escape the confines of the East German communist dictatorship, for a rich, new life in the West, by pursuing their seemingly ludicrous plan; to build and fly off in a homemade hot-air escape balloon.

The ingenuity of finding materials to build the giant balloon in the cellar of the family home, the risk of neighbours discovering the plan, the constant terrifying threat of discovery by the merciless STASI army, and the uplifting story of these families unswerving determination & optimism, are convincingly portrayed by a stunning ensemble cast, who drive this visually exquisite and cinematic film way up into the clouds above.

Balloon strikes a clever blend of comedy & thriller – and it smartly captures an atmosphere that was very true at the time – a period of history where paranoia reigned supreme & no one knew who to trust. Tense to the last shot, and beautifully shot, Balloon is a rare film experience that will leave you breathless.

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