Amazing Grace

Showing: Thursday 7th November at 8pm 
Director: Alan Elliott, Sydney Pollack
Cast: Aretha Franklin, James Cleveland, Southern California Community Choir
Genre: Documentary, Music
Runtime: 1hr 29min
Cert: U

Beyond delighted to be launching this year’s FMFF with one of the last 12 months’ most exhilarating films, let alone documentaries – the story of a transcendent day in January 1972, and the recording of a live album at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church, LA, by arguably the greatest vocal artist of the 20th Century.

After a series of false starts, technical issues & injunctions from Franklin herself, this footage of her “Amazing Grace” concert - her tribute to the gospel music roots she came from - was finally released by her family shortly after her passing, having been painstakingly remastered, & re-edited essentially from scratch, after decades in the vaults.

Bursting with joy and light, this remarkable performance is finally presented in all its’ glory – a film that’s acts as a fitting farewell & testimony to the peerless Queen Of Soul, whilst also offering a rare glimpse at her in her favourite setting, at the height of her prodigious powers. The hairs on the back of your neck will definitely be standing to attention during this one!

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