Apollo 11

Showing: Friday 8th November at 10am 
Director: Todd Douglas Miller
Cast: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin
Genre: Documentary, History
Runtime: 1hr 33min
Cert: U

Once again NCC will be teaming up with the 'into Film Festival' to bring you another Schools screening of this brilliant documentary on mankind greatest achievement.

Consisting purely of staggering archival footage - much of it never released before now - comes Todd Douglas Miller’s frankly compulsory documentary, chronicling the story of the ground-breaking Apollo 11 mission, and America’s quest to finally put Man on the Moon.

Bravely avoiding any excessive narration, re-enactments or interviews, Miller’s work lets the beautifully curated clips tell the story perfectly; a nuanced, still-unbelievable tale of a nation’s dream and how it came true. 

The narrative style employed by Miller here is present-tense; and because of this brave decision it doesn’t come off as a history lesson, more of a psychedelic sound & light show that perversely feels not dissimilar in style to Kubrick’s 2001. The film is as magnificent as the quest it depicts – a unique adrenaline shot of wonder & skill from a very skillful, very passionate filmmaker.

You’ll never look up at the moon in quite the same way again, because Apollo 11 will make you fully realise the efforts and human drama entailed in reaching it, that very first time, 50 short years ago.

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