Bugsy Malone

Showing: Sunday 11th November 2018 at 12pm 
Director: Alan Parker
Cast: Jodie Foster, Scott Baio, Florrie Dugger
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Family
Runtime: 1hr 33min
Cert: U

Fat Sam versus Dandy Dan...the biggest turf war of ‘20s Noo Yawk. Faithfully depicted here, in Alan Parker’s directorial debut, and possibly one of the flat-out most enjoyable movies of all time. 

Yes, really.  Certainly one the best ever movie musicals, since its release in 1976, this junior-gangster-splurgefest just gains popularity with every passing generation, who fall for the undisputed charm of the entirely children-based cast, & the painfully catchy music numbers. We’ve held off screening it for too long, but we’re delighted to finally bring the tale of Dan & Sam, Talullah & Blousey, Cagey Joe & Knuckles, and of course Bugsy himself, to NCC.  Get ready to sing your hearts out, at this rare silver-screen outing of a Prohibition-era pure classic. 

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