A Good Woman is Hard to Find

Showing: Friday 8th November at 9.45pm 
Director: Abner Pastoll
Cast: Sarah Bolger, Edward Hogg, Andrew Simpson
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 1h 37m
Cert: 18

Starring the superb newcomer Sarah Bolger, this fierce revenge thriller, set in Ireland, from director Abner Pastoll, is a brutal exercise in protecting the family at all costs, as Bolger’s recently widowed single mum sets out to discover the truth behind her husband’s murder - by all means necessary.

Shot in Belfast & Belgium, Pastoll’s sophomore film tips nods to Guy Ritchie & Ken Loach, cleverly blending kitchen-sink drama with slick crime caper twists & turns, taking in stolen drugs, hyperreal violence & several incidents of very unfortunate timing, for our fearsomely protective matriarch protagonist.

It is elegantly paced and shows real cinematographic flair throughout; promising work from a new director to the genre, and a respectful, albeit grisly, study of the unswerving love of a single mum, whose family’s lives are terrifyingly challenged

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