George Best: All by Himself

Showing: Sunday 11th November 2018 at 4.15pm 
Director: Daniel Gordon
Cast: Cast
George Best,
Angie Best,
Calum Best
Genre: Documentary, Sport
Runtime: 1hr 32min
Cert: 12a

The spotlight is seldom off this icon, and his legacy and story are always of interest.  

 This incisive, sympathetic documentary, (from the makers of the Emmy-nominated Hillsborough film), chronicles the huge ups & downs of a career of sporting genius, ravaged by demons & addiction off the pitch. He was famously deemed “the best player in the world” by Pele, no less, and there was no doubt of his peerless touch & skill when playing for Manchester United & his country. It was his personal life that was of more interest to the world’s media though - the booze, women, & jetset lifestyle that dogged his career and eventually proved to be his undoing.  

All By Himself looks at the man behind the name, with unhindered access to the people in his life & previously unseen footage from the trials & tribulations of this Son Of Belfast’s remarkable story

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