Human Flow

Showing: Saturday 10th November 2018 at 2pm 
Director: Ai Weiwei
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 2hr 20min
Cert: 12a

Artist, activist & director Ai Weiwei turns his unflinching lens onto the current global refugee crisis, in this hugely moving and powerful documentary that documents the destinationless journeys of over 65 million people across the globe, as a result of being forced from their homes for a myriad of reasons. 

A beautiful, harrowing tapestry of millions of very human stories, crafted from footage shot over one long year, and across 323 different countries, Weiwei shows us a very powerful snapshot of humanity and inhumanity today. In the bleakness of the stories,however, the director captures the unwavering flame of the universal indomitable human spirit that  offers hope throughout all the suffering and displacement. A vital & unforgettable piece of cinema that will stay with you for some time after, Human Flow is as important a film as you will ever see.

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