We The Animals

Showing: Sunday 10th November at 2.45pm 
Director: Jeremiah Zagar
Cast: Evan Rosado, Raúl Castillo, Sheila Vand
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 33m
Cert: 15

It is 1980s New York, and 3 young brothers – Manny, Joel & Jonah – crash through their respective childhoods, as life with their errant young parents leaves them to find for themselves who they are, and who they want to be.  Ethereally shot by the woozy camera of director Jeremiah Zagar, this is quite unlike any coming-of-age story that has been before it – full to the brim with epic imagery and intensely moving performances

Based on Justin Torres’ bestseller, this is a gorgeously shot picture, fiercely driven by the powerhouse acting of the 3 young protagonists at its centre. Critics were universal in their praise of Zagar’s mesmerising filmic style, and utter faithfulness to the overall feel of the book. WTA is ultimately a tiny, uncut gem of a movie; unblemished by pretence or sensationalism, but a film that speaks loudly of what it is to be a boy, a brother and a son.

The backdrop of the poverty stricken suburbs of NYC that act as the family’s home is strangely at odds with the otherwise stunning cinematography – the film is ironically a thing of beauty, in real danger of successfully prettifying poverty. An incredible piece of work from Zagar & his young  cast.

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