Screened: Saturday 30th January 2016
Director: /images/2016/ant-man_web.jpg
Starring: Peyton Reed

Played with tremendous chutzpah by Paul Rudd, the 2015 version of Marvel superhero Ant Man was a little slept on upon its release, but following months have been significantly kinder to this little movie. Armed with the ability to shrink in scale but increase dramatically in strength, this tale of one of the arguably less interesting heroes in Marvels canon is packed with smart humour,very nifty visual effects ( especially during the ingenious combat scenes), and can now deffo stand proudly alongside its Marvel peers, albeit perhaps on a set of stepladders.  The supporting cast deliver solid accompaniment across the board, particularly the scene stealing Michael Pena as Luis, and the very smart casting of Corey Stoll as scenery chewing villain Darren Cross slash Yellowjacket.  This ribald, almost knowingly tongue in cheek superhero actioner is very much driven by the charm of Rudd in the title role , and the winning combo of his disarming, believable turn and the smart, in no way overbearing fx, make for a top superhero movie in anyone's eyes. F-Ant-astic.  Sorry.