Screened: Saturday 14th December 2013
Director: Joe Dante

Right, you MUST know the rules by's been nearly 30 years! No bright lights, no water, and absolutely NEVER feed them after midnight...No, I'm not talking about the pale and peculiar committee members of NCC, but about the stars of our next festive screening, taking place on 14th December from 8pm at the Annesley Hall.
Newcastle Community Cinema is delighted to be showing Joe Dante's horror comedy milestone, 1984's

"Gremlins"! This smart, knowing B movie parody struck all the right notes commercially on release, cleaning up at the box office of June '84, but it is unquestionably a Christmas movie, so we're chuffed to be showing it finally on the big screen at the right time of year! A quirky engrossing tale of a geeky kid - Zach - and his craziest Christmas present ever, a delightful ball of cute fluffiness known as a Mogwai, given to him by his madcap inventor dad, and that he promptly names Gizmo. But Mogwai ownership comes with a strict set of rules, dontcha know, and break even one of them at your peril......

Loosely inspired by Roald Dahl's 1943 book of the same name, this is a Saturday Night popcorn classic that rode in on the wave of other monster comedies like the all conquering Ghostbusters. But Gremlins very much stands on it's own two feet - scaly or furry - as a naughty, misbehaving mix of It's A Wonderful Life and 50's monster movies such as The Blob. Vastly entertaining from top to bottom, give yourselves an early Chrissy present and join us from 8pm for some raucous movie magic.