Screened: Saturday 23rd April 2011
Director: Christopher Nolan
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page

Following on from our screening of his seminal headmelter "Memento" back in January, NCC is delighted to present the second in our sci-fi double bill, from the mind of Christopher Nolan comes the modern classic "Inception", starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In the same vein as The Matrix, Inception presents us with a familiar world where the impossible is possible, in this case the policing and subversion of people's dreams, and the devious ways that suggestion is used in introducing ideas into peoples subconscious. Sounds fairly complex, and some scenes do challenge, but the film is already recognised as a visual masterpiece, featuring breathtaking setpieces including the infamous "folding Paris" effect. The staggering FX are competently tied together however, by a taut, clever, espionage based plot that demands full concentration but is ultimately rewarding in its payoff (or is it?). Designed to be enjoyed cinematically rather than on the small screen, joinus on 11th June for this stylish treat.