Life of Brian


As contraversial as it is hilarious, NCC finally succumb to public pressure and bring the Python's masterpiece "Life Of Brian" to our screen this April. Brave, puerile, irreverent, outrageous, intelligent etc etc, the list of adjectives is endless, to describe this filmic pinnacle in the lives of the Monty Python team, suffice to say that Brian still remains in most comedy fans' Top 10 comedy films of all time as a bonafide classic, and this screening should help to cement that reputation with the NCC audience. Far too many eminently quotable lines, belly-laugh scenes, and cry-with-laughter characters, Brian is a film seldom seen on the big screen these days, so join us for a rare opportunity to laugh in unison with others, at this tongue-in-cheek fable of a man whose life was mistaken for the Messiah's - with hilarious consequences.