Marwencol is a place quite unlike any other. It is a fictional town, created by one man, to allow him to live the life that was taken away from him. Receiving huge praise on the independent film circuit, Marwencol is a true story documenting the unbelievable story of Mark Hogencamp, who was brutally attacked outside a bar and suffered horrendous brain damage, resulting in the fracturing of his life's memory. Marwencol is a model town 1/6 in scale that Hogencamp has created in painstaking detail, and populates with a World War II era, constantly evolving set of stories, involving Action Man - style figures depicting his friends and family. This town represents Hogencamp's rehabilitation, therapy, and ultimately salvation, and the film picks up the story as the art world of New York gets wind of the amazing world of Marwencol, and want to bring this very private town to a wider stage, much to Hogencamp's chagrin. A true breath of fresh air in documentary filmmaking, Marwencol is an astounding story, brilliantly told, of a mans world being broken, rebuilt, and threatened again. Annesley Hall