Romeo & Juliet


St Valentine has fired his arrow successfully through the collective heart of the NCC committee, and as such we are inspired to bring you one of the most timeless love stories ever - albeit with a suitably anarchic twist. To honour the weekend of all things loving and lovely, the 12 of Feb sees a special screening of Baz Luhrmanns visually arresting masterpiece from 1996, the Bard's tale of two star cross'd lovers, "Romeo & Juliet". This achingly hip update lifts verbatim the original Shakesperean dialogue and characters, and drops them squarely into a contemporary Verona setting, where our eponymous troubled lovebirds play out their tragic affair, against a breathtaking backdrop of stunning cinematography and major familial unrest. An unforgettable cinematic experience, as all Luhrmann's theatrical films tend to be, and with a superb young and credible cast, this is a great Valentine's weekend film for you and your special someone. Annesley Hall