The Goonies

Screened: Saturday 30th July 2011
Director: Richard Donner
Starring: Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen

Hey You Guys...!! Guess who's coming to Newcastle to join the fun at this years Herring Gutters Festival? If we were to mention Chester Copperpot, the evil Mama Fratelli, and the awesome Truffle Shuffle, would that help? Yes indeed, due to public demand, NCC in conjunction with this years' Herring Gutters' at the Harbour, are extremely proud to present the one and only "The Goonies" (PG) , starting at 7pm at Annesley Hall on Sat 30th July. You can feel the hand of exec. producer Steven Spielberg throughout every setpiece of this brilliant, breathless pirate caper, that comes off like a one and a half hour, thrills'n'spills theme park ride. So many vibrant, almost cartoon-like characters, a funny, knowing script, wrappped up in a 100mph treasure map plot, gives viewers of all ages a lot of value for money. So don those eyepatches and come and see The Goonies as it was supposed to be seen -on the big screen, with some fresh popcorn, and with your mates! And then, up to The Harbour for the rest of the fest!! Hurrah!