The Misfits

Screened: Sunday 4th September at 5pm
Director: /images/2016/misfits.png
Starring: John Huston

 It's now 55 years since legendary director John Huston delivered one of his finest works - the unforgettable Monroe & Gable vehicle, "Misfits". A troubled shoot from the get-go, and not particularly well received on it's original release, Misfits has since gone on to be widely perceived as Clark Gable's finest performance, not to mention career best turns from both Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift (sadly, however, it was to be the last ever screen performances from both Gable & Monroe). This effervescent story of ditzy, sexy divorcee Roslyn Tabor (Monroe), and her misguided exploits with washed-up cowboy Gay Langland (Gable) in the stifling Nevada heat, makes for seriously enjoyable viewing in 2016, and makes you wonder why the movie was so disregarded and derided when it came out in '61.  However history has been extremely kind to Misfits - from being a bonafide "box office flop", it now garners no less than 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, a rare chance to enjoy this melancholy drama, full of spirit, sass and symbolism, on the big screen. 

Join us for this stone cold, capital "C" classic. Sunday 4th September, from  5pm.