Screened: Saturday 23rd April 2011
Director: Andrew Stanton
Starring: Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin

For some reason, one of the lesser known and lesser loved members of the Pixar stable, is the 2008 story of one little robot's enchantingvoyage towards love and happiness, that happens to occur on a bleak dystopian wasteland, against a futuristic backdrop of consumerist apocalypse. Wait, come back! In all seriousness, Wall-E, for it is he, is definitely one of the more sunshine filled films that Pixar has given us, filled with dark comments about environmental and even obesity issues. But as always with Pixar releases, it is filled with fantastic characters, populating a visually breathtaking world (in this case, outer space). The opening, (dialogue-free), half hour alone, leaves most audiences open mouthed, and the super sleek visuals, combined with a cosy Disneyfied sense of humour, means that Wall-E is that classic Pixar clique - a movie that will delight parents and kids alike. Another breathtaking aspect of wall-E is it's superb sound design, so bring the family down to the Annesley Hall on 11th June at 2pm to immerse yourself in the Wonderful World Of Wall-E - the way it should be seen...and heard!