Bravery Under Fire

Showing: TBC 
Director: Campbell Miller
Cast: Brian Milligan, Mario McEntee, Thomas McQuillan
Venue: Newcastle Community Cinema
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 1hr 20min
Cert: TBC

In an unmarked grave in those now silent fields of Flanders lies the body of an Irish priest. This is his story. Local filmmaker Campbell Miller’s sensitive and thoughtful docudrama, “BRAVERY UNDER FIRE” chronicles the incredible true tale of Fr. Doyle, an Irish chaplain with the British Army & forgotten hero of WW1, whose bravery & exploits are dramatically depicted here, detailing his involvement with the troops he served alongside, and his untimely passing, aged just 44.  

It is a deeply affecting & personal  film, part drama, part documentary, about a devout man filled with spirituality, following his bidding to bring religious succour & comfort to his fellow man, amongst the godless, war-torn fields of Flanders in Belgium, 1917. NCC is incredibly proud to be showing director Campbell Miller’s film in it’s World Premiere, with further screenings across the UK & the USA to follow.

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