Showing: Saturday 14th September 2019 at 8pm 
Director: Dexter Fletcher
Cast: Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden
Venue: Newcastle Community Cinema
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music
Runtime: 2hr 1min
Cert: 15

Dexter Fletcher’s ambitiously epic music fantasy stars Taran Egerton as Reg Dwight, shy piano prodigy and Royal Academy Of Music acolyte, who metamorphoses into The Rocketman, pop legend and diva extraordinaire Elton John. 

Fletcher’s riotous film focuses particularly on John’s early years and the birth of his stage presence, particularly his relationship with genius lyricist Bernie Taupin, here likeably portrayed by Jamie Bell. After several starts as a project, this film was destined to be parked, but the arrival the frankly incredible Egerton, and Fletcher signing up as well, meant this fascinating story of one of musics most flamboyant characters could finally reach the screen. 

It is then, an honest, heartfelt, at times sad tribute to the life and work of John, delivered with all the high level campery and scandal you would expect – while not breaking any startling new ground the attention to detail is impeccable, and a guaranteed good time by all will be had.

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