The Greatest Showman - Singalong

Showing: Saturday 22nd December at 3pm & 8pm 
Director: Michael Gracey
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron
Venue: Newcastle Community Cinema
Genre: Biography , Drama , Musical
Runtime: 1hr 45min
Cert: PG

Well, what can be said about the Jackman-starring juggernaut that is TGS. 

 Confounding all expectations, director Michael Gracey’s 2017 debut (!), a musical inspired by the story of PT Barnum’s creation of his famous Circus, is now a certified phenomenon – a mega movie that has entranced millions; the fifth highest-grossing live action musical of all time. Our festive family special screening for Christmas 2018 will be a rip-roaring ”sing-a-long-a” Greatest Showman show, where you can belt out all your favourites such as “A Million Dreams”,  “Come Alive”, &, of course, the unforgettable “This Is Me”. 

A magical explosion of music, and an undeniable spectacle, featuring a staggeringly successful  & infectious soundtrack – TGS is a movie that dazzles and  delights from beginning to end.  Join us to experience the crowd-pleaser of a generation, bold & brash on the big screen, the way it’s meant to be seen


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