The Sad & Beautiful World Of Sparklehorse

Showing: Saturday 30th September 2017 
Director: Alex Crowton, Bobby Dass
Cast: Mark Linkous
Venue: Newcastle Community Cinema
Genre: Documentary, Biography, Music
Cert: 15

To Launch our 4th annual Full Moon Film Festival 2017 NCC are proud to present... 

“The Sad & Beautiful World of Sparklehorse”  is an award-winning music documentary, celebrating and lovingly chronicling the life of the critically-acclaimed Mark Linkous, a hugely influential but immensely troubled figure in the alternative music scene,  & his band Sparklehorse. This documentary and retrospective pays respectful tribute to an artist feverishly beloved by his devoted followers.   

Following a screening of Alex Crowton & Bobby Dass’ deeply insightful portrayal of the man and his music, the evening will also feature an exclusive live, one-hour performance entitled ‘A Night of Sparklehorse’, with talented musicians Tom McShane, The Mad Dalton, Heliopause, Pixie Saytar and more.

Mark Linkous, the driving force behind American indie band Sparklehorse, was a man whose existence mirrored his mesmerising and unique music. He was at once a humble, modest man; the epitome of a Southern Gentlemen. He was also self-destructive; a recovering addict who battled with debilitating depression. The dual nature of his personality reflects the extremes of his music; beautiful, surreal, off-kilter pop contrasted with dark, distorted ballads and discordant punk-rock. A selection of A-list musical collaborators flocked to Linkous’ door during his career, and amazing works recorded with the likes of PJ Harvey, Tom Waits, The Flaming Lips, Danger Mouse, David Lynch & Thom Yorke (Radiohead) stand testament to his influence and recognition amongst the very biggest names in recorded music.“The Sad & Beautiful World of Sparklehorse” is a feature length music documentary, made by Bobby Dass & Alex Crowton. A cult and hugely influential figure in the alternative music scene, the critically-acclaimed Linkous had a dramatic life that saw him battle with drug and alcohol addiction, paralysis, and debilitating mental illness that resulted in his eventual suicide. 

In celebrating and lovingly chronicling his life and music, this documentary and retrospective pays respectful tribute to an artist feverishly beloved by his cult followers.Following this screening, this very special evening will also feature a live, one-hour performance; ‘A Night of Sparklehorse’, featuring talented musicians Tom McShane, The Mad Dalton, Heliopause, Pixie Saytar and more. The incredible blend of musical influence and experience on stage come together collectively to recreate the signature Sparklehorse sound, playing as huge fans of the source material, that they meticulously succeed in emulating. A fitting tribute to a troubled soul, who was considered by many to be one of the finest musicians and songwriters of his generation

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